About Our Group


We are a support group for people in Central Delaware wanting to learn about meditation. Also, we are for the experienced meditators wanting to further their practice.

We have resumed our meetings on Tuesday nights from 6 PM until 7:15 PM at Heather’s Holistic Health, 1169 Walker Rd, Dover, DE. However, in this time of COVID-19 we will continue to offer the an online option for meditation and discussion. Please see the Meetings & Information page for more information.

All are welcome. These teachings are offered freely. There is no charge but voluntary contributions (dana) are welcome to cover expenses. We are grateful for any dana that you care to make. For offerings please visit the link below:


Meditation Can Help You

Through simply trying to observe your breath for a brief period (10-15 minutes) every day, you can begin to see the “busy-ness” of your mind and you can learn to tame your reactivity to life situations

See The Difference

The point of meditation is not only to take some time for your own well-being but also to shift your perception of your daily life, including your relationships, habits, and attitudes.

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